10 Signs You’re Lesbian

Hmm, think you might be a lesbian, huh? Well it is possible you might swing both ways or you might be a lesbian. There are no specific tests available that can determine for sure, but here are some possible suggestions that might help you decide one way or the other.

It can be confusing for people who might think they are lesbian but aren’t sure. Here are some humorous signs you might look for to find out whether you are straight or queer.

Here is our non-scientific top ten signs you might be lesbian. It’s just for fun…

1 – Your idol is Martina Navratilova

2 – You watch women’s sports just to watch their breasts jiggle

3 – You think like a guy sometimes

4 – You are ‘vegetarian’ but still eat meat

5 – You try clothes on in a communal changing room just to watch women get undressed

6 – You only like lesbian porn

7 – You have a girlfriend

8 – You join a gym to watch naked women showering

9 – When you have dated most of your friends

10 – You never liked sex with men


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