Find Your Gay Life Partner

We all want to find that perfect partner to spend the rest of our days with. We might have to kiss a lot of frogs before we meet the handsome prince, but in the end the journey will have been worth it.
There are so many places in which to possibly find our one true love these days, that we can scarcely know where to start our hunt. Setting up an account with an online  gay dating site is always a good idea and there are plenty of guys out there looking for someone just like you.
When you hunt through the  gay personals, look for someone who appears sincere in their profile. Carefully examine their profile and photos, and see if they look like a genuine guy who really wants what he says he wants. Assuming you’re looking for a life partner, you wouldn’t want to choose the married bisexual guy who is looking for a no strings attached hookup.
Human dynamics always play a major role in relationships. Any relationship will take work on both sides. When you find a partner you gel with you will have things in common as well as differences. The differences can be complimentary and therefore work well for you both.
If you find a guy who likes the same things you like and has similar habits and nuances you might find that you click just right. On the other hand, they often say that opposites attract, so it is very important that you know roughly what sort of partner you are most likely to hit it off with.
Knowing whether your partner is the right man for you will probably become clear after a little time spent getting to know him. During the first stages of romance we all see our partners through the proverbial rose colored spectacles until we settle into the relationship. Then, we find that those “cute little things” start to tick us off. This doesn’t mean that the relationship is doomed to failure, but it does mean that you might have to reassess it from time to time and make sure you both still want to be in it. Open communication and an open mind will help work out many differences.
How he treats you will have a strong bearing on your response to him and the relationship. If he is kind, honest and faithful you have likely got yourself a winner, but do keep in mind that the sort of people we attract are sometimes a reflection of the person we think we deserve according to the beliefs we hold about ourselves. You may be a kind and giving person but you might attract a taker who will treat you with utter contempt. You might feel obliged to stay in the relationship because you feel it is all you deserve. Think very carefully about how you see yourself and then offload the freeloader if you figure out he is wrong for you. You deserve a happy relationship with a quality man.
Does your partner mirror you? Does your partner laugh at mostly the same things you laugh at? Does your partner like the same vacation spots that you like? Does your partner like the same romantic things you enjoy? Is your partner honest with you? Are you honest with him? Can you talk openly with each other? These are all searching questions that will help you decide whether Mr. Right is actually perfect for you.
Relationships are odd things and we can sometimes be attracted to someone for the strangest reasons and yet the relationship works perfectly on so many levels. You just need to find the right man with the right chemistry and then let it work itself out. You might just end up with the gay love of your life!
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First Timers Guide to Gay Sex


Anyone experiencing intimacy with another person, for the first time, can feel many emotions. First time sex can also be a scary thought for those with no experience. So many questions arise from situations where it gets intimate and we all worry about whether our partner will like our body. We worry whether we are kissing them right or even whether we are touching them the right way. It can be a cold shower on an otherwise romantic situation if we start to panic too much about doing everything properly.
There is plenty information about first time sex, including the usual safety precautions and suggestions to wear a condom, no matter who you are sleeping with. The one question people cannot answer for you though, is how it is going to feel. Some will say it hurts the first time, others will say different. Some will say the first time was gentle, memorable and wonderful. Others will say they prefer to forget it because it was clumsy and dreadful! It’s all a matter of perspective. Be realistic about how your first time might be. Don’t set yourself up to be disappointed.
If you are contemplating consummating your relationship for the first time, then it is suggested that you don’t try to force anything in particular. Gay sex is the same as any other sex except for the obvious difference of which orifice is used.
Intimacy is not about sex as much as it is about the other person. It is more about sharing your body with them, kissing, caressing and touching, loving and caring. The first time for most people is usually visualized as a romantic sexy affair where you fall into bed together and take things gently and slowly, and just let them progress as they may.
Set the evening up, if you can, by having a romantic meal. Make it a light meal, such as fish or chicken, so you both don’t get all bloated and tired from eating. If you feel the need to include some alcohol, (although it is not advised) have a little, and don’t get so drunk that you can’t perform. Just have a drink or two to relax you if you necessary. Drugs are always a no-no. You must keep your wits about you. While many guys feel alcohol (or drugs) make them perform better, just the opposite is actually true.
When it comes to the bedroom, set the scene a little and make it nice. Create a mood that you both feel comfortable with. Sit together on the sofa or bed and just kiss. Explore each others mouths and erogenous zones like the neck, ear lobes, shoulders and back of the neck. Knowing your own body well will help you to know your partner’s body. There are not many people who dislike having their neck kissed and if it turns you on it will very likely get them going too!
It is possibly an unlikely scenario that both you and your partner will both be virgins to gay sex. One of you may have limited or little experience but may well have tried it before. If it turns out that you are both trying it for the first time use lubrication. It is vital for anal penetration. Use plenty of it and go slow so you and your partner don’t cause each other an injury. Even experienced people use lubrication, so even after the first time, still continue with it.
There is no particular right way or wrong way to have sex, but there is a covenant attached to that statement. Something your partner does to you, or you do to them might still not feel right for either of you. Therefore, communication is of the utmost importance. You must learn to tell each other the things you like when they are doing it, as well as the things you don’t like.
Men tend to make a more physical connection (rather than emotional) when having sex. Yes, that is a sweeping statement and it is generalizing, but on the whole it is probably closer to the truth than some would admit. This means that men might tend to get a little more ‘passionate’ and forceful when it comes to sexual penetration.
Talking during sex can be a turn on for some and a turn off for others. You might take the chance of asking your partner if they like what you are doing to them and gauge their response. It might be a quick “huh….yeahhh, don’t stop” or it might be a “shut up and carry on” so be prepared. Either way, those are good responses, so it means you are doing something right!
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