How To Meet Lesbians

How to Meet Lesbians

A common question we hear is “how do I meet lesbian women” or “how do I meet bisexual women.”  Here is a comprehensive answer to that question:
How do I meet lesbians and bisexual women? Lesbian and bisexual women make up perhaps 10% of the female population so it isn’t always easy to find other women who can relate to you.  There are actually many ways to meet and socialize with lesbian and bisexual women.  Some are kind of common sense obvious ways and others are more obscure.  You never know when or where you’re going to meet Ms. Right (or Ms. Right Now) so I recommend that you try a combination of any of these methods, that you’re comfortable with, to increase your odds of success.  Remember that anything worth having is probably going to take a little effort on your part so hang in there and give yourself a chance.

Nightclubs: There are many Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT) nightclubs, bars and dance clubs.  There may be one in your community or in a nearby city.  You can find these night spots by doing a Google search such as “gay bars in [your city].”  Once you find a night spot that looks interesting do a little research.  Do they have a website?  If so, do they list any special functions or nights specifically for women?  Do they have a photo gallery?  If so, you can look to see what kind of clientele they cater to.  If all else fails you should just call them and ask if there are many women who frequent their business.  You’ll find virtually all employees and business owners to be very courteous and helpful. They want your business. Here is the word of caution that you’ve been waiting for.  Beware of drug users, hardcore alcoholics and undesirable people.  I think it’s best to meet people at nightclubs but never (ever) to go home with them.  Get a phone number or e-mail and get to know each other first.  Common sense caution must be exercised, especially when you meet someone at a bar.

Community Social Groups: There are many community social groups for lesbian and bisexual women. Again, head on over to Google and do a search for lesbian groups in your community.  Try a few different searches including your city and words such as gay, lesbian, clubs, social group, etc.  A little detective work might just locate a great group of local women who get together for social events.

Online Social Groups: There are many online social groups for lesbian and bisexual women.  Some are geographic in nature and others are nationwide or worldwide.   Lesbian Flirts is an example of a worldwide online social group.  I recommend that you do your research at Google to locate online lesbian groups of interest to you.  You’ll find all sorts — bisexual women, lesbians only, butch – femme, lesbian BDSM and more.  Join the groups that interest you and post an introduction if it is appropriate to do so.  Be sure to include a recent photo of yourself if possible.  Make yourself sound interesting.  Take a little time and fill out your profile completely, and include interesting information to make you stand out a bit from the crowd.  Join in any online discussions or chat rooms and get acquainted with the other members.  You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll learn.  This can be a fun way to meet other women and also to learn more if you’re a newbie to the LGBT community.

LGBT personals are one effective way to broaden your search to find your perfect female lover. Social Networking Sites: These are online sites such as,,, and (there are others) where you can create a personal profile, search for others and network with each other based on such things as sexual preferences, geographic location, and hobbies. You will find some overlap in some online social groups and social networking sites, particularly when you start searching specifically for lesbian or bisexual social sites. Again, be sure to fill out a profile, include some recent photos of yourself and make yourself sound interesting. Take the time to learn how the sites work and send out messages to anyone that interests you.  Engage in a little conversation and see where it takes you.

Message Forums: Message forums aren’t necessarily the same as social networking sites, although they share some similarities.  Message forums offer a great way to start or join in active online discussions about a wide variety of topics.  Many social networks have their own message forums.  Other sites exist primarily as a message forum.  This can be a great way to learn more about the lesbian experience.  You can ask questions and share in the discussions that interest you most. While message forums aren’t usually specifically designed to facilitate introductions, it is possible to meet others in your area.

Dating Sites: It used to be kind of weird or creepy to meet people online, although the gay and lesbian community was among the very first to embrace online dating.  It makes sense because we can’t always meet lesbian or bisexual women at the supermarket.  Some women can… I don’t understand it, but I can’t and most women probably don’t feel comfortable trying to pick up another woman at the market.  Many of us are shy about going to the nightclubs or joining groups so online lesbian dating sites may make sense.  Besides, anybody you meet there has already indicated an interest in lesbian dating. It can be a perfect way to meet other lesbian and bisexual women. So here’s the reality; You absolutely must include a recent photo and a decent personal profile.  You’ll be competing with other profiles.  You don’t have to be drop dead gorgeous but you do have to present yourself in a positive way.  The headline you write may be the single most important part of your personal ad, besides your photo.  Make it interesting or humorous or thought provoking.  Be positive in your profile.  List activities you enjoy.  Talk about something that makes you interesting such as your participation in martial arts classes, your love of Siberian Huskies or anything else to show a glimpse into your world. You aren’t likely to meet Ms. Right the first day or even the first week.  In fact, it is more likely that you’ll need to join more than one lesbian dating site and remain a member for several months, but it only takes that one time for the right person to stumble upon your profile and the love connection is well on its way! Lesbian Dating offers a free membership and perhaps the largest W4W personals selection of any of the mainstream dating sites. They offer a free basic membership.  Try the free membership and browse the photo profiles to find local women. Chat online and exchange messages until you feel comfortable enough to arrange a real time date.

LGBT Organizations: There are quite a number of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender organizations.  Many are community based to advocate for and promote positive social experiences for the local LGBT community. Some will have their own buildings or facilities and host get togethers. Others will operate mostly online or will meet at a specified location. A Google search along with a review of will help you locate any LGBT organizations in your area. If you don’t find anything in your community be sure to check in surrounding cities. Not only will you find social activities at the community centers, but you will find a listing of all other local lesbian and bisexual activities, events, groups and businesses in the area.

Meet women seeking women online and in the real world! Churches: Yes, there are plenty of LGBT friendly churches, usually known as welcoming congregations.  Many will have a statement that they welcome LGBT people on their website or in their church publications.  Metropolitan Community Churches specifically cater to the LGBT community while the Unitarian Universalist churches usually are welcoming. Many other denominations are welcoming congregations as well including Quakers, Methodists, Presbyterians and others. Google searches will be helpful to locate welcoming congregations in your area.

Gay Pride Events: Most large and many medium and small cities now hold yearly gay pride events.  This is a great way to get out among your own kind and mingle.  You will find vendors and booths set up with merchandise and a wealth of information about the local area LGBT community resources.  You will have the opportunity to meet many local people who don’t often go out to the bars or nightclubs.  It’s a great way to meet a wide variety of lesbian and bisexual women, from those who are totally out to those who are very private or closeted the rest of the year. Do a little research because the fun doesn’t end when the gates at the Pride Event close.  Many local LGBT people head for the nightclubs or other LGBT venues to party the night away.

Lesbian Activity Groups: Lesbians tend to be a fairly active bunch.  We love motorcycling, poker, scuba diving, book clubs, hiking, dancing, dogs, kayaking and sports, just to name a few activities you’ll frequently see listed in lesbian profiles. Search out lesbian activity groups in your area.  If none exist, why not start your own.  It doesn’t have to involve a great deal of work or planning.  Just start inviting friends to join you occasionally to enjoy your favorite activities together.  Maybe you can make it a potluck event and have different hosts each time. See how it goes and you may find that your first group of friends invites their friends and the group grows into a thriving activity group.

Dogs: Lesbians love dogs.  I don’t know — maybe it’s genetic.  If all else fails check out your local dog park, the Humane Society, pet stores and grooming shops.  You’re sure to find some lesbians.  If you have a dog you’ll already have something in common.  If not, you can always fawn all over their dog.  We all love talking about our dogs and we tend to like people who like our dogs.

Sports Activities: Lesbians love sports.  We love playing and watching. Show me a women’s softball team and I’ll find you some lesbians!  It’s kind of stereotyped but true. Lesbians love softball and other organized sports activities.  You may also find lesbian women playing in women’s football leagues and other organized team activities.  In addition, lesbians love to watch sports including women’s professional basketball and football.  In fact, why not invite your lesbian and bisexual friends to go out to a sporting event or get together your own sports activities with the girls.  Just play it safe so nobody gets hurt out there.

Gay Business Directories: Many cities have an organized LGBT business directory that is online, printed, or both.  Many of us feel a little more comfortable knowing we’re dealing with businesses that understand us, so LGBT business directories are a common way to get the word out and promote our own businesses.  Often you’ll find LGBT coffee shops, restaurants, nightclubs and other businesses that will provide an opportunity to socialize with other lesbian or bisexual women.

Online Directories: As you search in Google you’re likely to find results listed in online directories such as or  Take a moment to search these directories to see if you can locate local lesbian groups or activities.  The directories will often be searchable or categorized by geographic location or special interests.

Getting involved in social activities is a great way to meet women. You never know where you’ll meet your dream lover! LGBT Publications: Many cities have local area gay newspapers, magazines or E-zines.  These will offer a wealth of information about the local LGBT scene along with references to social groups, activities, events and businesses.  You can often get a feel for the political climate of the area and learn hot spots for lesbian activities. A quick Google search will frequently locate LGBT publications in your area.

Political Action Groups: LGBT political action groups have become increasingly public over the past decade or so.  Examples of political action groups include The Human Rights Committee (, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force ( and Log Cabin Republicans (  There are many others on a national and local level.  These groups advocate for LGBT rights and legislative actions in support of our communities.  They usually have education and community outreach programs. These groups will welcome your participation if you feel so inclined.  That might be a great way to meet local LGBT community members.

LGBT Professional or Educational Organizations: There are many professional and educational organizations to support the LGBT community. You might be surprised if you go to Google and type in a search for “LGBT legal professionals,” “LGBT education associations” or “LGBT law enforcement.”  Many universities, colleges and even high schools have LGBT safe zones and/or organizations.

Online Groups and Mailing Lists: There are many online groups and mailing lists that cater to specific cities or geographic locations. Many of these groups and mailing lists are on Yahoo, so you should probably try a Yahoo search to find them.  Here is an example of the many local groups and mailing lists for the Los Angeles area when one searches for “lesbian groups in Los Angeles.”  Often, these groups or mailing lists will announce get togethers and social activities.  It seems coffee shop meetings are a favored social activity.  That’s a great way to meet women to socialize in a safe, non-threatening environment where you’re able to engage in discussions and personal conversations.

Networking with Friends: One of the best ways to meet local lesbian and bisexual women is through your friends.  If you don’t have any such women friends, it’s time you met some!  Even one friend can open a whole new world for you.  They are likely to have lesbian and bisexual friends and they can introduce you.  Those friends can introduce you to their friends, and so your social circle expands.  You just never know when or where you’re going to meet “the one.”  Friends are likely not only to introduce you to new friends, but also to new lesbian activities where you’ll have the opportunity to meet even more women from your area.

This list should help give you some ideas to start your search for lesbian and bisexual women in your area.  I recommend that you do your research, be patient and have fun with the process. I truly believe there is someone for everyone.  I like the idea of helping others meet friends who can enrich their lives.  Maybe you’ll even meet your soul mate in the process.  I encourage you to leave a comment to let me know if you find this helpful and especially if you have a good technique for meeting lesbian or bisexual women that I haven’t covered.


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Why Use W4W Personals

There are more benefits to  meeting lesbians online than there was previously. Lesbian dating sites give plenty of choices for looking around as well as a chance to network and make new friends.  There are huge amounts of lesbians and bisexual women who now rely on online socializing, owing to the personal circumstances of their work and home life.

It might be easier for lesbians to go out to a club and socialize on a Friday or Saturday to meet new people and make friends or acquaintances, but there are still many lesbians whose schedules do not permit for that time.

Women who may work unsociable hours will practically be confined to looking online because they do not have time to go out as much as they might like. There is also the fact that many lesbians are mothers who cannot leave their children on a regular basis to go out and party. Other women simply don’t like the bar scene.

Geographical locations also pose difficulties in this fashion.  Small towns or cities might not have a lesbian or gay bar and therefore it would require traveling long distances to the nearest club.

Meeting a lesbian in  the W4W personals also gives each person the chance to get to know each other more intimately before they meet. There is a very exciting sensation about meeting somebody new and finding out about them.

A new romance is something some lesbians like to extend before they meet personally. Dating online has a strong sense of anticipation which real life doesn’t give. Of course, it works both ways in that there is also an amazing excitement to meet somebody in real life for that first date. The level of intimacy which can be gained from online relationships can demonstrate a far deeper connection than one might think possible. Take advantage of that time you’re getting to know each other online.

Being able to select from  a large database of lesbian and bisexual women profiles and photos is extremely helpful and beneficial to lesbians who want to browse other profiles and locate new friends or potential partners. In regards to going out to a club, there are some restrictions, which are completely eliminated by the online dating sites. One of these restrictions would be the limited amount of other lesbians who might go to the night club. They will probably see the same faces most weekends and their choices will be limited because of that.

Online dating has the advantage of new profiles being placed every day, giving new opportunities to make good connections.


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10 Signs You’re Lesbian

Hmm, think you might be a lesbian, huh? Well it is possible you might swing both ways or you might be a lesbian. There are no specific tests available that can determine for sure, but here are some possible suggestions that might help you decide one way or the other.

It can be confusing for people who might think they are lesbian but aren’t sure. Here are some humorous signs you might look for to find out whether you are straight or queer.

Here is our non-scientific top ten signs you might be lesbian. It’s just for fun…

1 – Your idol is Martina Navratilova

2 – You watch women’s sports just to watch their breasts jiggle

3 – You think like a guy sometimes

4 – You are ‘vegetarian’ but still eat meat

5 – You try clothes on in a communal changing room just to watch women get undressed

6 – You only like lesbian porn

7 – You have a girlfriend

8 – You join a gym to watch naked women showering

9 – When you have dated most of your friends

10 – You never liked sex with men


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Become a Lesbian Seductress

Some say that being seductive is a natural ability and people either have it or they don’t. This is not necessarily true and what light shines within you can shine outward to other people.

Seduction doesn’t have to have a sexual connotation either to be effective. We can seduce people with our prowess or with our intelligence as well as our bodies.

Having the ability to seduce women is a knack that needs practice, refinement and confidence. If you ever think about those guys and gals who seem to be able to attract any person like a bee to honey, take a look at what it is about them that works so well. It doesn’t even have to concern their physical appearance. There just seems to be something about them that people are attracted to and it seems like some invisible magic.

The key to this is probably their inner confidence. They have the ‘gift of gab’ and are witty and clever. They can cope with any social situation and don’t have any reservations about being the life and soul of the party. They will flirt shamelessly with anyone and make quick quips about any subject. They seem to carry themselves with a quiet confidence that exudes from them.

If you want to become a lesbian seductress and attract pretty much any woman you want, you will have to begin by being confident in your own skin. It is not just about how you feel physically but inner confidence that can be magnetic to those around you. Having a bubbly personality and enjoying life is a very contagious thing that attracts people. Energy and exuberance for life is what many people find attractive in others.

Dressing to impress is also paramount. It doesn’t matter whether you are a femme or a butch, but how you dress will show others how you feel about yourself. It shows you care about your appearance and at the same time, looks attractive. Don’t you feel better when you know you look your best? Others will pick up on your positive vibe!

When you meet an attractive lesbian who you want to seduce, start making small tlak and listen to her. She will always give plenty clues as to her dislikes and likes. As she talks about herself remember little things that you can draw on later to show her you were interested in her.

Smile at her and tell her she has pretty eyes or a cute nose or nice lips.  Making compliments, as long as they are sincere, will always fill the listener with a sense of importance. Make her feel like she is the only woman in the world that you wish to be with at the moment. Let her know how lovely she is and how she makes you feel — without being too graphic or pushy.

Wear enticing scents rather than over the top, strong perfumes. Wear subtle make up and colors that compliment your skin tone. Wear shoes that do your legs justice and accentuate your calf shape. If you are more on the butch side, wear flattering jackets or shirts. Wear trousers that give you a taller figure and shoes that compliment the clothes. Give her a flower or a small gift when you see her just to let her know you appreciate her being in your life.

All manner of small gestures can influence how a woman feels about you, but the key thing is that if you make her feel important, listened to, acknowledged and beautiful she will be putty in your hands.

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First Timers Guide To Lesbian Sex

First Timers Guide to Lesbian Sex

Question: How do I have Lesbian Sex for the First Time?
Our guide to first time lesbian sex can help with your first sexual encounter with a same sex partner. Make the most of your first woman on woman experience!It may seem like an awkward question but most of us are a little nervous when we have our first lesbian experiences.  I would recommend that you take a little time and just take it nice and easy.

Learn about women.  Yes, even though you’re a woman you might do well to learn a little about other types of women.  How do they think?  What are their fantasies? What turns them on?

Learn what you can by participating in online chats and forums.  Go to Google or your favorite search engine and do some searches about how to make love to a lesbian woman.  You’ll be amazed at some of the online resources and how much you can learn by browsing them.

Learn about yourself. Yep, take some time to get to know yourself.  What turns you on?  What are your fantasies?  What gets you off?  Go ahead… it’s ok to play with yourself!  As you touch yourself make note of what turns you on.  It’s likely that your partner will like the same.  Make sure you tell your partner what you like as well so she’ll know how to please you.

Learn about the lesbian dynamic.  Woman on woman sexual experiences tend to be a little different – ok, a lot different from those with men.  Women tend to make deeper emotional connections with their partner. There tends to be more kissing and cuddling.  The sex is intense and passionate but also very loving and close.

Sex between women may take many forms.  For example some women prefer clitoral stimulation while others prefer being penetrated.  Some prefer genital massage while others prefer oral.  Others like to bring out the sex toys and go at it with strap-ons or vibrators.  Some are kinky or like role playing games.

There are as many ways to make love to a lesbian as there are lesbians.  Take the time to get to know what drives her crazy.  The possibilities should be fun to explore – not intimidating.


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Find Your Lesbian Life Partner

How to Find a Lesbian Life Partner

Finding your lesbian life partner can be a daunting challenge, but you’ll find many lesbian women searching for the one-and-only love of their life at personals.There are many places to find our true love these days, especially, online. The one person who fills our heart with joy is waiting out there for us, but we scarcely know where to start looking.

Hunting through the database of  lesbian personal ads, looking for someone who appears sincere is not always easy.

One of the downsides of online personals is that there is never a guarantee that people are what they claim to be. For this reason it is best to get to know someone online in a private capacity before you meet them in person.

All relationships require compromise and understanding. When you find a woman you gel with, you will find common interests as well as differences. These differences can often compliment one another and work for you both.

If you find a woman who likes the same things you do you will just click. On the other hand, opposites do attract, so it is important you know generally what kind of woman you are more likely to hit it off with.

During the initial stages of a new love we all view our partners through those proverbial rose colored glasses until we get comfortable with each other. Then, we may find that her cute little habits start irritating us. This does not mean the relationship is doomed to fail, but it does mean you might should reassess it on occasions to be sure you both still want it.

How she treats you is important. Does she respect you and your views? Does she try to change you or take control of you or is she laid back and calm about the little things you might do?  If she is a kind, honest and faithful person you have probably got keeper, but do bear in mind the sort of people we attract are sometimes reflections of who we think we deserve according our beliefs about ourselves.

You might be a kind and giving person but may attract a ‘taker’ who might treat you with utter contempt. You may feel obliged to stay in the relationship because you feel it is exactly what you deserve. Think extremely carefully about the way you see yourself and offload any freeloaders if you figure out she is not right for you.

Is your partner your mirror? Does she laugh at mostly the same things you laugh at? Does she like the same vacation places you like? Does she like the same romantic things you do? Is she honest with you? Are you honest with her? These searching questions will help you determine whether Miss Right is perfect for you.

Relationships are joint journeys that you both walk along together and yet it can work perfectly on many levels if the true commitment is there on both sides.


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5 Places to Meet Lesbians

Where To Meet Lesbian Women

It is not easy to know where to begin looking for a suitable lesbian partner. Meeting your  life partner may sometimes seem trying to find a needle in a haystack.

More and more women are turning to  lesbian dating sites.  Many lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious women spend time on online sites, looking for that Ms. Right so your choices are better than they ever have been before.

Here are some possible places to meet lesbian women;

#1 – Online Sites

It is important that you have an idea of what sort of relationship you want before you head for a web site. Not all of them have the same intentions. For those wanting to find a person they can have a long term relationship with there are sites like Match Lesbian Personals, offering personals by people looking for dating and someone special to spend time with. Lesbians head to online dating sites to add their personal profiles and pictures in hope of finding a loving partner.

Placing a personal ad on a lesbian dating site is an excellent way to promote yourself as a prospective partner. Your advertisement must contain clear information that will give people a good sense of who you are. Setting up a personal ad will show people your skills or hobbies, exhibit the fun side of your nature and display photographs of you in social situations, to illustrate your adventurous side.

Just make your personal profile look interesting, use recent photos and share a glimpse into your life, and you’ll attract the right women.

#2 – Nightclubs and Bars

Having a local bar to hang to out at is a great way of socializing with friends and meeting new people. A nightclub or bar is a place where strangers can be friends for awhile and there is a sense of togetherness.

Friends bring guests to visit the nightclub and one of these friends might be someone who catches your eye. Lesbian and gay bars and nightclubs are still a main hub of the local LGBT communities, and new people come and go all the time.

#3 – Social Groups

You can do a quick Google search or check local LGBT publications to locate local social groups for lesbian and bisexual women. Most cities will have at least one lesbian social group for women. Your search on Google might be “lesbian group in {insert your city}.”

Our experience is that these social groups tend to be very welcoming and they can open a whole new world for you. They are a great way to enjoy your favorite pastimes while in the company of other lesbian and bisexual women.

#4 – Local Newspaper PersonalsWomen are looking to meet other women — you just need to know where to look.

Local newspaper adverts are useful for those who wish to find someone closer to home. The personals column of your local newspaper will be full of people who WLTM (would like to meet) someone with a GSOH (good sense of humor) and other cute little abbreviations that we have all become familiar with over the years.

#5 – The Workplace

Of course there is always the work arena. Many people see this as a dangerous place to meet their lover. Other people date colleagues all the time, and there is the option of meeting a client who might end up becoming a good friend and then more. Everyday circumstances force us to meet new people and any one of those circumstances could lead to an impromptu encounter with someone we find attractive. Just be careful not to let a bad relationship jeopardize your job security.

Use these ideas and your own to develop your social circle of lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious friends. You never know where you’re going to meet Ms. Perfect!


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Why Use M4M Personals?

Why Use M4M Personals

M4M personals are a great way to meet your gay, bisexual or bi-curious lovers. Online dating is becoming much more mainstream so give it a try!More and more gay, bisexual and bi-curious men are choosing to find genuine love online. There are now far more benefits to meeting gay men online than there used to be. Not only does the influx of  gay dating members give plenty of options for looking around, it also gives gay men the chance to network in a better way than previously.  There are large amounts of gay men who now rely on socializing online, owing to circumstances in their work life or home life.

There used to be a problem of not knowing how or where to meet gay men, when it was a largely underground and hidden population. While it would seem easier to go out to a club and socialize on a weekend, meet people and make new friends and acquaintances, there are still many gay men whose schedules do not allow for such reverie. Those who work unsociable hours might be confined to looking online because they do not have the time to go out as often as they would like.

There are also limitations when it comes to geographical locations.  Smaller towns and cities may not be well equipped with a gay ‘scene’ and therefore traveling long distances might be necessary. Travel not only costs money but also takes up time, which they may not have in abundance.

Meeting a gay man in the  gay personals also offers each party an opportunity to get to know one another on a more intimate basis before they actually meet. There is certainly a very exciting feeling about meeting someone new, finding out about their life and work and things they like to do. The new romance feeling is one which many people prefer to extend before meeting personally.

Meeting online has a different sense of anticipation that real life can’t offer. Of course it does cut both ways and to the same token there is also an amazing excitement to meet someone in real life for a first date. The intimacy that can be created from an online meeting can prove far deeper than one would expect.
Getting to choose from  a variety of profiles and photos is very helpful and beneficial to gay men who want to browse other gay, bisexual and bi-curious guys to find new friends or potential partners.

There are natural restrictions to going out to a club, which are totally eliminated by online dating sites. One of those restrictions is the limited number of people who might frequent the night club some gay men go to. They will likely see the same set of people most weeks and therefore their choices become limited too. With  online dating new M4M profiles will show up every day and new chances to make good connections will arise.

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Top 10 Signs You Might Be Gay

Am I Gay? Top 10 Signs

So, you think you might be gay, huh? It is not always easy to spot a gay guy unless he is overtly demonstrative or particularly obvious about it.

Am I Gay? Perhaps I’m bisexual or bi-curious. What are the signs? It can be confusing for people who might think they are gay but aren’t sure. Here are some humorous signs you might look for to find out whether you are straight or queer.

Here is our slightly flippant, non-scientific top ten signs you might be gay. It’s just for fun…

1 – If you are walking behind another guy and start checking out his butt

2 – When shopping at Walmart you spend way too much time looking at the pictures on the male underwear packets

3 – You like wearing pink

4 – You worship Liza Minelli

5 – You worship Judy Garland

6 – You subscribe to men’s fitness magazines, just for pictures

7 – You join the gym to watch naked men in the showers

8 – You get the urge to ‘try’ a gay club one night

9 – You never wanted to have sex with a woman

10 – You have (or want) a boyfriend!

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Become an Irresistible Gay Man

Become an Irresistible Gay Man

Gay man who has mastered the art of being irresistible.

Some gay men are irresistible. They are a magnet for gay, bisexual and bi-curious guys. Learn how to polish up your social skills and become irresistible! What is it about some gay men that makes even straight women go weak in the knees?

Is it charisma, charm, or a magnetic personality that seems to work wonders on everyone they encounter? Many gay men have all these attributes and something more.

If you are hoping to become irresistible in the same fashion, there are some tips you can follow to help get you on the way.

#1 – As charm and charisma are usually something we either have or not, judge best for yourself whether you need to work on that area. Ask for help from friends and get them to be honest with you about your personality. Ask if they feel you are charismatic or whether you need to improve certain character traits. Hopefully they will tell you the truth, even though you might not like some of it!

#2 – Work on your appearance. You don’t have to have the body of Sylvester Stallone or Brad Pitt, but take care of what you do have. Be hygienic and wear subtle cologne or aftershave. Don’t over power people around you by suffocating them with cheap scent. Wear smart casual or business clothes whenever you go out on the town. Dress to impress and people will see that you have style. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on Armani apparel, but wear clothes that suit your physique and make a positive statement about you.

#3 – Be genuinely pleasant and outgoing to people. Smile whenever you meet or talk to someone. Having a pleasant disposition is a very attractive trait and people will enjoy being around a person who is happy.

#4 – Be a little flirty with people. This does not mean you have to make casual sexual innuendos or remarks, but just flatter people. If you meet a handsome man wink at him and offer to buy him a drink. Use humor whenever possible but keep it clean. If you show people that you are a genuinely warm and caring person, with a good sense of humor and fun, they will naturally be attracted to your positive energy.

#5 – Be genuine about who you are. That is the most important thing that any person can do. Pretentious people don’t last very long in many circles because they get found out for being fake. It is that simple. You cover will get blown because at some point you will show your true colors, so make sure your true colors are the kind you want everyone to see.

#6 – Use anecdotes and interesting stories, if you have any to make conversation with people. Talk just a bit about your hobbies and ask about theirs. Name drop a little if you ever met anyone famous but don’t go over the top in bragging about your friendship with some famous actor.

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