Become a Lesbian Seductress

Some say that being seductive is a natural ability and people either have it or they don’t. This is not necessarily true and what light shines within you can shine outward to other people.

Seduction doesn’t have to have a sexual connotation either to be effective. We can seduce people with our prowess or with our intelligence as well as our bodies.

Having the ability to seduce women is a knack that needs practice, refinement and confidence. If you ever think about those guys and gals who seem to be able to attract any person like a bee to honey, take a look at what it is about them that works so well. It doesn’t even have to concern their physical appearance. There just seems to be something about them that people are attracted to and it seems like some invisible magic.

The key to this is probably their inner confidence. They have the ‘gift of gab’ and are witty and clever. They can cope with any social situation and don’t have any reservations about being the life and soul of the party. They will flirt shamelessly with anyone and make quick quips about any subject. They seem to carry themselves with a quiet confidence that exudes from them.

If you want to become a lesbian seductress and attract pretty much any woman you want, you will have to begin by being confident in your own skin. It is not just about how you feel physically but inner confidence that can be magnetic to those around you. Having a bubbly personality and enjoying life is a very contagious thing that attracts people. Energy and exuberance for life is what many people find attractive in others.

Dressing to impress is also paramount. It doesn’t matter whether you are a femme or a butch, but how you dress will show others how you feel about yourself. It shows you care about your appearance and at the same time, looks attractive. Don’t you feel better when you know you look your best? Others will pick up on your positive vibe!

When you meet an attractive lesbian who you want to seduce, start making small tlak and listen to her. She will always give plenty clues as to her dislikes and likes. As she talks about herself remember little things that you can draw on later to show her you were interested in her.

Smile at her and tell her she has pretty eyes or a cute nose or nice lips.  Making compliments, as long as they are sincere, will always fill the listener with a sense of importance. Make her feel like she is the only woman in the world that you wish to be with at the moment. Let her know how lovely she is and how she makes you feel — without being too graphic or pushy.

Wear enticing scents rather than over the top, strong perfumes. Wear subtle make up and colors that compliment your skin tone. Wear shoes that do your legs justice and accentuate your calf shape. If you are more on the butch side, wear flattering jackets or shirts. Wear trousers that give you a taller figure and shoes that compliment the clothes. Give her a flower or a small gift when you see her just to let her know you appreciate her being in your life.

All manner of small gestures can influence how a woman feels about you, but the key thing is that if you make her feel important, listened to, acknowledged and beautiful she will be putty in your hands.

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