First Date Tips For Your Gay or Lesbian Encounters

Try our first date tips if you need a few ideas to spice up that special encounter! Here are some  dating ideas from the romance experts at Alternative Connections.

Lesbians out on a first date. Read our tips for that special first romantic encounter.If you’re having trouble deciding where to go or what to do, here are some dating tips that might just help:

Cell Phone Fun
If you have a cell phone, and a crush on someone, drive to their house when you know they’re home, and call them on your cell. (Make sure you have them on the phone before you get there!) Start a casual conversation, then pull up to their driveway, go to the front door and ring the bell. Then say, “Oops! Better answer your door!” When they answer the door say, “Hi! Wanna go do something?”

First Date Help
Here’s a little idea to set the mood on a first date. Before going to the house buy a single red rose, and keep it on the passenger seat. When you pick him/her up, leave the rose there and on your way out, open the door. This is almost guaranteed to get you a hug if not a kiss, right when the date starts, setting the mood.

It Doesn’t Take Much To Be A Romantic!
Try to remind him/her about your first date – did you go to a restaurant?  Send a napkin from that restaurant.  Did you go to the beach?  Send some sand or a shell.  You get the idea, and they will love it.

First gay date. Sweep him off his feet with your special first encounter! Make His/Her Head Spin
Grab them by the shirt, or tie, and give them a nice long passionate kiss.  They won’t forget it.

Special Homepage
Build them a website.  Scan a picture of you and them together and add some romantic words.  Then print it out and present it to him/her.

Surprise Phone Call
Cell phones come in really handy these days.  Try this if you have a cell phone, or you can use a payphone.  While you are out with your date, excuse yourself, and get out of your dates view.  Call their number and leave a very romantic message – something like, “I’m here with you now and you are wonderful.”

Here Are Some Possible Destinations For Your Date: Zoo, restaurant, beach, movies, picnic at the park, mountains, sporting events, bowling, concert, live theater, opera, ballet, Jacuzzi, micro-brewery, carnival or fair, theme park, museum, flower gardens, winery, billiards, horseback riding, or kite flying. If the two of you have a similar interest, find an event or exhibition pertaining to that interest to enjoy together. Another good date might involve doing something neither of you have ever done before.


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