How To Flirt With Lesbians

Question: How Does a Woman Flirt With a Woman?
Flirting with Lesbians, Bisexual and Bi-Curious Women

Many lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious women don’t quite know how to flirt with a woman. Read our lesbian flirting tips and get your “A” game on! Knowing when and how to flirt can be a little tricky, especially if you don’t know the sexual orientation of the woman you want to flirt with. Here are some guidelines to help get you started flirting with lesbian, bisexual or bi-curious women.

Consider how you feel when someone flirts with you. You probably enjoy the attention and feel flattered even if you aren’t interested in the person doing the flirting. They will most like feel the same way when you throw subtle flirts their way. Just muster up your confidence and give it a try.

Flirting can be obvious such as walking up and making conversation or more subtle such as shifting your body toward her while flashing a faint smile. Lesbians particularly enjoy flirting of the eyes. Everybody is different, but women who are attracted to women generally seem to flirt in a more subtle way than men.

Flirting is part art and part observation of human behavior. Here is a list of some common ways women flirt with other women;

Starting conversation with her
Complimenting her
Locking of eye contact
Glancing down at her lips while you’re talking
Smiling at her
Smiling with your eyes
Standing or sitting close
Leaning toward her
Biting your lips
Twirling or playing with hair
Touching her on the arm or leg to make a point
Picking lint off her clothes (HINT: even if it isn’t really there)

If you’re going out on the town and you’re ready to get your flirt on, try these tips to get yourself prepared. The first step is to look and feel good before you even walk out the door. Get dressed in something that makes you feel good and confident about yourself.

When you arrive make sure you hold your head up and walk with an air of confidence. Loosen up and smile. Get out and mingle. Talk to people and flirt when you feel an attraction. See if they respond in kind.

When all else fails just walk up and say hi, my name is (insert your name here), what’s yours? If you end up in a conversation that’s great. If not, you were being friendly and that’s always nice, right? This simple approach works more often than you might think.

Remember that most of the women you bump into in a bar or social setting are going to be sitting there waiting for someone to approach them. They probably haven’t read our guide on how to flirt with women. Be bold — go get ‘em!

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