Personal Ad Tune Up

If you have a personal ad out there somewhere on the internet, make sure you check in every so often to update and refresh it. People change on a weekly basis and your data or information could easily become outdated if you neglect it.

Read of your personal ad and ask yourself this one question: “Would I be interested in me if I read this as a stranger?” If the answer is a resounding “no” then it needs some work! If you answer yes, then there is still a chance that you are being a little biased toward your own selling points. Be objective. Take a step back when you read it.

If it has been a while since you actually read your ad be sure to take a good look at the spelling, wording and content. Try viewing it from a less personal viewpoint.  Don’t let your advert become dated, otherwise you might miss out on date!

A very important point is the headline of your personal ad. The sole purpose of the headline is to get the reader’s attention. They typically scan the headlines and photos. Make your headline unique, catchy and very interesting. Here’s an example of a decent headline;
What if you and I were sitting in the Phoenix jail?

Don’t just laugh and dismiss it. Doesn’t it make you curious? It’s catchy if you happen to be in the Phoenix area. It is unique and is likely to make the reader want to see more. Browse through some personals and see what headlines are ho-hum and which get your attention. A good headline will put your ad at the front and center among a sea of boring ads.

Be sure to include recent photos in your personal ad. At least one photo should be a relatively close face shot. You will do well to include several photos including one or more that show you doing something interesting. Do you have a hobby or do you do something interesting? Go ahead, show off your fine self riding your Harley!

A typically interesting body text might look something like this:
Hello and welcome! I am Chrissie and I love outdoor pursuits. My friends call me an outdoor junkie because I am rarely indoors even when it is snowing!! I also love music and even though I have very eclectic taste I do love a good nightclub with sound deep beating music that just goes right through me. I love to socialize with my closest friends and we usually go out most Saturdays to a gay club where we have some good times and fantastic laughs.

Apart from that, I have a romantic nature and I enjoy buying little gifts to show I care. I like to spend time with intelligent and witty people who can make me laugh.

I enjoy my work and I love a good challenge. I am 30 years old and I have an older sister of 32, who is my best friend. We often do outdoor pursuits together but she is more of a wuss when it comes to mountain climbing, ha ha! Oh, and I love horseback riding too.

I also love hiking, swimming and camping (take a look at the photos!) as well as spending romantic nights indoors with a homemade meal and some soft music. I won’t list all my favorite chick flick movies because there are too many, but I do like a good variety of other movies as well.

If you feel like a chat or just emailing me and telling me a little bit more about you, go ahead. You never know; we might be perfect for each other!
That ad is warm and inviting and is likely to attract a high quality response because it reflects a quality person. If you included photos you are very likely to get some replies.
Be sure to tweak your ad now and then. As time passes you’re more likely to be able to take an objective look at your ad headline and body text. Sometimes a seemingly small change will result in a much more favorable response rate.


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