Writing Great Gay or Lesbian Personal Ads

Use these tips to write a personal ad that is effective.  Writing a great ad will set you apart from the rest.

How to Write A Great Gay or Lesbian Personal Ad

If this is your first time visiting an internet personals site – these tips will help you write a successful personal ad.  If you follow these simple rules, you can place an ad that should fill your email with potential mates or dates.
Be Honest
How you write your gay or lesbian personal ad will have a major impact on your response rate. Follow our tips to write a great profile that gets you noticed!That’s what I said, be honest.  You would be better off not lying about things such as your personal statistics.  I mean come on, if you’re only 5’7″, don’t say you are 6 feet tall – what do you tell him if you meet?  That you shrunk?  Plus, being honest from the start means you won’t have to remember what you lied about later.

Give Them A Decent Description
Try not to leave anything unanswered, most people are looking for someone with common interests, and if you and he/she both like eating raw oysters, that might be the key to the match.

•Post A Great Photo
And don’t use the excuse that you don’t own a digital camera.  Everyone knows someone that has one, or you can use a friend’s scanner to copy your favorite Polaroid.  So clean up, put on your best smile, and get that picture!

Don’t Act TOO Perfect
You will scare someone away if you act like the “perfect” partner, besides, you’re aren’t the perfect partner.  If you were, you wouldn’t be placing an ad, you would have them lining up outside your door.  Just have fun with it, let go a little bit.

Don’t Act Too Serious
Again, you don’t want to scare them away.  Let loose a bit, play around a little.  Everyone enjoys someone that knows how to have fun.

Tell Them What You Want
If you’re a femme-boy looking for a bear, or a butch lesbian looking for a femme-girl, then you have to say these things.  Otherwise, you might not get the replies that you want.  Be specific on the area you reside in as well, unless you don’t mind something long distance.
Are You Looking For a Long Term Relationship?
If not, let them know.  That way you won’t have your replies full of people that want to settle down and “raise” that proverbial family.  There are just as many people out there just looking for a good time as there are people looking for something serious.  Of course, if you ARE looking for something serious, say it in your ad so you don’t have to play the flirting game.
There’s Always the Edit Button
Go back and update your ad on a regular basis so people that read it will know that you’re serious.  If you saw an ad that interested you, and then saw that it had not been revised for over two years, would you answer it?

This is the Biggie – HAVE FUN
Life is meant to be enjoyed, and everyone loves to play.  You can find some great people out there that you can have fun with.  You never know, the ad you place just might be the one that your match was waiting for.  So what are you waiting for?   Click Here to Get Started!

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